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Gideon Gimlan

Of Counsel

Academic Background

-- B.E. Electrical Engineering, City College of New York (1974)
-- M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Rochester New York(1975)
-- J.D., Fordham University (1984) 


Areas of Technology 

-- Semiconductor Fabrication (Process and Layout) 
-- Transistor Physics (FinFETs)
-- Analog and Digital Circuit Design
-- Programmable Logic Architectures (FPGA, CPLD) 
-- Computer architecture, Databases, Data Structures, Parallel Processing
-- Networking technology: PCI Express and other packet protocols
-- Internet technology: hardware and software  
-- Computer Software: microcode and higher levels 
-- Computer graphics, Display Hardware (LCD, OLED) -- Computer peripherals 
-- Social Networking, Computer-assisted business methods 


Technical Work Experience 

Hardware and Software Design Engineer (1975-1981): Microprocessor and bit slice assembly coding, micro coding, stepper motor interface, military and commercial avionics, terminal emulation 



Supreme Court of California
Registered with United States Patent and Trademark Office

Previously Admitted to State Bars of New York and New Jersey 

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